Saturday, May 2, 2009

Put some heart into your yard work! (Click here to find out how to mow patterns in your yard)

Next time your lawn needs mowing try this little trick to tell your sweetie how much you love her. Section out your yard to mow a design into it. Let you grass get a little higher and then will your sweetie is not looking plan out your design. You could do her name, a big heart, or just a little hello. Do it before you do the rest of the lawn so you can get rid of it by mowing the rest of the lawn. For the best vantage point of your artwork look at it from a second story window. Your partner will fell special that you have done this for her/him. Most likely they will want you to erase it quickly but the thought was nice.

For the really way to design patterns in your yard, click on the title of this post to see a video on how it is done.

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