Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Laugh Together!!! (Click her to go to ABC website to find funny stuff)

I know it sounds silly but the benefits of laughing are well documented. Yes laughing actually improves your health and helps you live longer. What better person then your partner to share some good belly laughs with. I would have to suggest America's Funniest Videos to get you started. If you can't find that on TV you might just go to YouTube and search for items the two of you would find funny. Items to search might include: people falling down, funny dogs or cats, or just type in funny and see what you get. Other sources could be look for comedy shows or search for old clips of things you know are funny.

Funny has been around for a long time, I mean look at some old Three Stooges videos. I am sure it was around even longer ago. I can imagine a caveman getting chased by a dinosaur and his buddies laughing at him.

A newer show that might bring about so laughs would be Wipe Out! If you have a favorite show that makes you laugh let me know about it. One thing I love to do is laugh so I should live forever.

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