Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give your partner a little playfulness at an unusual time.

Do you have events that just drive you mad. Maybe a family reunion, or a fundraiser that just seem to be so tense. Well if you find yourself at one of these type of events I have a suggestion to ease the tension a little. Give your stressed out partner a little playfulness. You might be shrugging your shoulders at this moment. Now let me explain. Nothing relaxes the mood of a situation as something your partner is not suspecting. Now you have to be very tactful about this, find a quite place, and don't do this out where anyone else can see. Women as you walk by your partner grab his penis or ass, don't say a word and just keep moving past. Men the same for you grab her ass or swipe her breast, no words just the action. Then act like nothing happened. Reject any advances they might make with one word, Later.

Now what have you done? Well you have taken their mind off the stressful situation and made them think about what you have in mind later. Plus they know that you understand their frustrations and are turned on by their attempts of making the event great. Now when you get them home you have to follow through on your earlier dealings. Don't even let them say anything about it before you act. Tell them how sexy they looked during the event and how turned on you were by them in that situation. After you show your appreciation suggest some of your favorite charities or events they might want to get involved in. You just might have found someone to volunteer based on your playfulness.

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