Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can you believe we have hit 60 Post! / The Mindful Couple (Click here to see the book)

You know you are enjoying yourself when you are doing something and you don't realize how long you have been doing it. Our last post was our 60th I am very proud of what we are doing here. We are hopefully helping couples learn and understand each other better. I try to reach a broad area of topics from dating to sex, household chores to nights on the town. I do this because they all make up a great relationship. You can't just have sex all the time and have a great relationship, however in my opinion you can't have a great relationship with it either. My take on relationships is they must have a balance, you need everything to make it complete. If there are any parts missing that is where you get into trouble.

I would like to suggest a book for everyone to ready called "The Mindful Couple" by Robyn D. Walsher, PHD and Darrah Westrup, PHD. This books is one of the best ones I have read on relationships. It doesn't give you step by step instructions it gives you insight into the workings of relationships. I must say I have looked at things a little differently since reading it. You can go to the publishers web site by clicking the title of this post and I will put it in the amazon bar on the side. So if you go and buy this book not only will you help out your relationship you will also be helping out Romantic Antics for Men (and Women, too)

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