Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you have a sex night?

Several of today's relationship gurus believe that having a specific night for sex is a must for the majority of relationships. The consensus is that our lives are so busy that just letting sex happen leads to less sex in the relationship. We have heard for years that spontaneous sex is the best, but is it really? Not knowing what is going to happen or when doesn't seem to fit with today's busy lifestyle. Don't get me wrong if you are together and the feeling hits you don't deny it, and say well this isn't sex night.

I believe that sex night is a great idea. I think it could help build anticipation and lessen disappointment. If you know your going to have sex tonight, I believe that you would fantasize about it most of the day. You would work yourself up and the passion when you finally got to that point would be incredible.

Let me know if you have a sex night? I want to hear about how you picked that night and the reason. Maybe you have certain nights throughout the year that are also guarantied for sex. Let me know all your situations. I am very curious what the public thinks.

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