Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just be Naked!

Here is something to try sometime when you need to shock your partner. Sometime when you are home alone. Do something you normally do naked! You heard me do some of you everyday chores or routine naked. You will definately shock your partner and hopefully get them thinking about what they would like to do with you naked. What would your partner think if they come home and find you doing the laundry naked, or washing dishes. How about reading the sunday paper in the buff or exercising. The important part of the shock value of this is not to act like you are doing anything unnatural. Just keep doing what you are doing as the questions start coming. Tell them you were hot or that you just didn't want to put on clothes yet. Heck maybe they will even join you.

A caution should be place here. Don't do anthing that will get you arrested, for example don't go out and water the lawn in your birthday suit. Keep it within your house and under closed blinds. Another word of warning if you try this make sure you are up for the advances of your partner. You are wanting to get a reaction from them and that reaction will most likely be sexual. So make sure you are ready to recieve.

Lastly do things that are safe to do naked. Frying bacon would not be a great thing to do naked. So use some common sense and protect what you normally have covered up.

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