Friday, May 15, 2009

Make it a point to say something nice today!

Make it a point to say something nice today to everyone you come in contact with. Not only your partner, but your mother, brother, sister, neighbor, teacher, sitter, and the list goes on and on. By making it a habit to say something nice to everyone you meet, people begin to enjoy being around you. Saying "Did you lose weight" to your neighbor might just make her/his day. Telling the cashier at the store to have a nice day, might make their work day just a little brighter. These types of little statements can go a long way in brightening up someones day. If you brighten up someones day you are going to feel so much better.

Now you get double the points with your partner. For one they hear you say all those nice things to everyone else. This makes them see how wonderful you are to other people. Now when you say those things to your partner, not only do they know how wonderful you are but they also get the benefit of hearing something nice about themselves or just a nice statement in general.

You know it is really quite sad at how many people I know that can't say anything nice. It blows my mind to think, as I hear people being grumpy towards people they don't even know, that those words are the only thing that is popping into their heads right now. Sure we all have bad days but does that mean we should take them out on other? If your boss gets made at your should you go home and take it out on your family. The answer is no, if your struggling with that. Hopefully by getting in a pattern of saying nice things to people you can avoid the times when your down and say something that isn't how you really feel.

Always remember WORDS CAN HURT!

If you haven't seen the Free Hugs Video Here it is. This goes right along with what we are talking about. Also if you click the title of this post you can go to the free hugs website. Enjoy!

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