Saturday, July 17, 2010

Working together.

Some of you might think that working together is a wonderful idea, and some of you think that work is your separation time. Well it can be both. Recently my partner and I were offered a position to run a retirement neighborhood. The pay was really good and we would have gotten free housing, now a problem arouse that there were not enough bedrooms for our children, so we had to decline. The thought of working together was a wonderful challenge for us. The more and more I thought about it however I realized that even though we would essentially be working together we would spend most of that time apart. Doing different things and marketing would keep us busy most of the day. I feel like we would have still had lots to talk about later in the evening and would still have the coming home feeling. It is to bad this didn't work out I think that as in our relationship we would have made a great team in business. Where does your relationship stand as of work? It is okay if you need that space from you partner, however think about if you could work together with your partner and what that says about your relationship. A big question for working together is can you leave the work behind? Will you drag it into the bedroom or worse yet will it cause problems in your personal relationship. If you can keep business separate from your personal relationship there is no problem.

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