Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do something a little crazy during the night.

When it is time for sleep we all hope to get under the covers and fall into a deep deep sleep. While this is not always the result it is what we hope for. Sometimes however when you are having troubles sleeping you might just want to try something different. If your partner is not totally sleeping like a baby, roll up next to him/her and put a body part against them that you normally wouldn't. Touch feet or a naked butt against a thigh works well. Anything to say, "I'm here in a different capacity" Touch your partners elbow or caress their armpit. See what kind of reaction you get. Or heck if you are the partner that weighs less climb on top of them and stroke their arms until they begin stroking yours back. These crazy little moves might not help you get to sleep but they will get you our of your routine and maybe you might find something that helps produce a better nights sleep. You also never know but it might spark a little middle of the night tango that could give you the relaxing chemicals you need to fall deep asleep. Don't ever under estimate the power of touch as a sleep aid.

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