Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flash a little skin from time to time.

You know that your partner has desire for you. Use that to your advantage to tease them a little. Flashing them a little skin from time to time will make the remember how much they desire you. This can be done by both men and women and is as simple some times as bending over. Ladies you have the advantage here however because of a little thing called cleavage. When your boobs are half showing turns us guys on tremendously we can't let half our penis hang out that just looks like were not paying attention and have clothes that don't fit. Cleavage on the other hand can compliment any outfit, casual or dressy. My suggestion is to let your skin be shown around the house. When you get out of the shower and are walking to the bedroom pull your towel off a little quicker to let your partner get a quick shot of your wonderful bottom. Ladies wear that lose fitting top and no bra then bend over so that your partner can get a gaze at your wonderful rack. Just run to the bedroom completely naked acting like you forgot something. Believe me your partner will be thankful and you will get the reaction you desire. Who knows your partner might even catch you as your run through the house naked.

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