Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scratch like a cat.

When we think of romantic things we can do for our partner via touch the first thing that pops into mind is a massage. You might think of light touching or caressing the skin to bring goose bumps. While these are perfectly fine, sometimes you need to whip out your claws and give them a good scratching. I am not talking about breaking the skin but running your nails over their back can feel exhilarating to him/her. Scratching will stimulate the skin in a different way and get rid of any itches that your partner might have. Besides the back there are many other areas that can benefit from a good scratch. Scratching your partners rear end or scalp are two that come to mind but any where that you partner has skin that is not to sensitive is a great place to scratch. For a tantalizing time rotate scratching with light caressing, by changing up the sensation you partner will get a rush like waves lapping the beach.

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