Friday, July 23, 2010

Displaced Kiss

Today's Romantic tip is to kiss a place on your partners body that you don't usually kiss. See what kind of reaction you get from your lover, did you hit an erogenous zone or maybe just the fact you did something a little out of the norm might be a turn on. Kiss the palm of your partners hand, or his/her elbow or maybe even his/her knee. If you have the good fortune of being naked with them, then it opens up a whole bunch of areas to be kissed. The feet and toes are often a feel good spot for kisses as well as the joint areas such as the back of the knee or the area where you arm bends. During sex we focus on the genitals but what about the area above that where our pubic hair grows how about planting some kisses there? Make it a point to eventually kiss your partner on every inch of his/her body. You might just find a few hot spots that you were unaware of.

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