Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shoes, shoes shoes

Shoes? How the heck is that romantic? Well shoes themselves are not romantic but combined with your imagination they can be. Shoes are great places to hide little love notes. They are great for hiding love notes because you wear them everyday so it isn't possible to not find them. You can also match the note to the shoes. Sexy shoes get sexy notes, hiking shoes get notes about being rugged and tough, sport shoes can express how great your partner looks, no matter what type of shoe it is you can adjust the note to express the shoe. You can also use shoes to be romantic in other ways. Setting out your partners dancing shoes in plain site can tell them you are ready for a romantic night of dancing. You can use all your shoes to spell out words or even lead your partner to a surprise you have waiting for them. So you see, shoes can be romantic you just have to be creative.

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