Sunday, April 10, 2011

You don't have to be clueless about romance.

Romance can be interesting.
OK, even if you are not clueless on romance, you may get some ideas on how to make romance stay alive or come alive in your current relationship. The first thing to remember about romance is it is not about how much you spend, where you go, or even what you do. Romance is all about being intimate with your partner, and sharing moments big and small with them whenever you can. Romance is not something to be done once in a blue moon, romance is a frame of mind that shows your partner how special your relationship is with them, and how they are with you in your thoughts even when you cannot be together. Romance is what makes us look forward to seeing our partner or even just hearing their voice. It is the glue that makes the relationship stable when times are tough, and makes it sing when times are smooth.
A romantic person is someone who makes an effort to do little things any time they can. Even if you don't have any ideas on how to be romantic, reading articles on romance, and acting on them makes you romantic in your partner's eyes. Not everyone is creative enough to always come up with something that touches their partner's heart and shows how much they love them. Luckily there is a wealth of resources and ideas like this to help anyone along with their romantic side. And I can assure you that when you make those little efforts for you and your lover, you will find a deep sense of self reward and joy within yourself. All of the tips and Ideas we talk about are used by us in our own relationship. If they are not used yet, they are definitely on our own list to do when the time is right. The more we do for each other, the more ideas and smiles we get on a daily basis.
Cooking - yes we mean in the kitchen: They say the way to a man's heart is through food. Well that is true, as it is with a woman. Women think it is sexy and romantic to have their man cook for them too. So obviously whether you are a man or a woman, cooking for them is a great way to make some romance points. What is even more fun and romantic than cooking for each other, is cooking together. Just think about it, you and your partner in the kitchen reaching around each other maybe rubbing on each other here and there, stealing a kiss, and just working as a team. If you area working as a team together doing anything, it tends to bring you that much closer. So cook for each other and cook together. Forget those fancy restaurants, save your money and have some fun.
Do something active together - Yes, get off the couch, and go for a walk together. Get a gym membership together or something of that nature, depending on where your fitness level is. Maybe even buy a cheap Frisbee and go to the park and toss it back and forth. But remember to laugh and not get fussy if neither of you can get the disk into each other's hands, nothing kills a romantic mood or thought faster than someone complaining or being grumpy.
Smooching - OK, now we got your attention right? Kiss and kiss and kiss. Make a game out of kissing even. See how deeply and hot you can make each other just kissing without touching the sensitive areas. Women especially like to be desired, but not thought of only in a sexual way. If you are a man, and want to make some romantic points with your lover, then spend some time just kissing and holding each other without running to the bedroom. Even if it is her idea, see if you can just keep kissing each other into a frenzy, then go and cook together a special meal. I bet you will be bumping into each other, smiling wickedly, and laughing the whole time you are cooking as well as the rest of the night. Or just stay on the couch and keep kissing.
Re-enact your first date - Plan a night out or day out and go back to the place you had your first date. It is romantic to remember things from the past, and it shows sincerity in the relationship. If you have a bad memory, then write stuff down. If you can't remember your first date, then go and make a new first date. Stare into each other's eyes and talk about whatever.
Write greeting cards - Sure finding the perfect card at the store is a good thing, but if you make your own it is even better. Put your own words down, and you will be thought of by everyone as romantic. If you are a guy, your friends may give you grief, but remember they don't have what you have... The love of YOUR woman. So tune them out, and turn up your creative juices and make her cards whenever you get a chance. And don't wait for Valentine 's Day or anniversaries or anything. Just whenever you think about it do it and surprise her. If you are a woman, then do the same, except you probably don't get any grief from your friends about it.
Turn down Guys' or Girls' night out - Even though you may enjoy time with your friends when you get the chance to be with them, say no once in a while. If every Thursday is poker night or something, and you come home to your sweetheart, you are definitely going to be noticed. Or even better, start doing couples nights instead where everyone gets together without excluding each other from each other's activities. That alone just might bring you closer together faster than anything else.
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