Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Okay Men it is time to pleasure you woman.

Get your love muscle ready men, and take your lover to new heights.  
It is common knowledge among both men and women that nearly every man enjoys receiving oral sex. Unfortunately, most men either don't realize that most women enjoy it just as much, or they just don't care. Even worse, most f the men who do perform oral sex (cunnilingus) for their woman really have no idea what they are doing. Worst of all, many women are just so relieved that their men are willing to try that they never bother to educate them as to what feels good and what is a waste of time. If you want to be a better oral lover for your woman, here are some tips for men that will have her begging for more.
Anyone who has ever seen simulated oral sex in a movie or the real thing in an adult film has seen most of the common mistakes men make, and ones that these tips will help you avoid. Some of these movie mistakes include the "off to the races" approach and the "anything but the clitoris" technique. Seriously, men - it's not a race to the finish line, and the clitoris is there to be stimulated! But if you had only the movies for reference, you might think that licking the inner lining of the vagina was the key to every woman's heart. For future reference, most women prefer a slow, steady approach to oral sex, and they actually want you to pay attention to the clitoris.
There is just no getting around the clitoris - figuratively speaking, of course; it is, like the head of a man's penis, filled with sensitive nerve endings that can greatly enhance sexual pleasure. Learning how to work the clitoris is as important as learning to work a clutch in a car with a manual transmission - that car just won't go if you don't do it right! The first tip that involves the clitoris is a simple one - handle with care. The clitoris needs to be approached with caution and with gentleness, especially at first. Light licking and gentle teasing are the best ways to prepare the clitoris for more intensive action.
Our oral sex tips for men continue once the clitoris has been sufficiently aroused (and you'll know when that occurs from her reaction). At this point, begin to use your tongue in a variety of motions - up and down, circular, etc. - to increase the clitoral stimulation. When the time comes, the most unrealized tips for men comes into play: if the clitoris protrudes far enough outward, take it between your lips and gently suck on it as if it were a lollipop. Slow and steady sucking motions can easily have her experiencing an orgasm within several minutes!
The bottom line on our oral sex tips for men is simple: you can lick everything below her waist as much as you like, but if you never approach the clitoris your efforts are unlikely to give her the satisfaction she truly craves. And, just in case you are one of those guys who flinch at the thought of sucking on her clitoris - even if it can provide her the pleasure you know she wants - just keep in mind that you don't mind her sucking on your body parts. Be a sport and return the favor; if you do, you'll find these tips for men you satisfying her with ease and make her numb with ecstasy.
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