Monday, April 4, 2011

Try a little Tantric love.

Tantric love-making isn't simply about engaging in hours of intercourse. Making a tantric connection involves the actual seduction, building of intimacy, eye gazing, exchange of erotic energy, touching, kissing, honoring of your partner's body, the act of intercourse and the afterglow. Each part of tantric love can take a long time. It all depends on just how creative you are in the mood or willing to be.
The tantric connection can be stopped at any time and still leave the partners feeling fulfilled and relaxed. This is because their goal was not to "come", but they simply desired the connection and conscious exchange of energy which is always very sexy and uplifting. In fact tantra has no goal and just because you begin to make love doesn't mean you have to reach ejaculatory orgasm. You may even experience several body orgasms while simply being together.
A great way to begin the play that will precede the more intimate love-making is for instance gazing into each other's eyes with burning desire while out at a restaurant. Imply that dessert will be served at home. On your way home, stop to buy some ripe fruit that you will feed each other on later. You may then anticipate the great delight this will bring you during love-making, as a sort of sweet communion. Once you get home, give your partner a long sensuous hug and kiss, light some candles and turn on your favorite music while slipping into some sexy clothing.
You may also engage in a bathing ritual to prepare each other's body for love making. Wash one another's hair, one at a time. Be fully present in the role of giving or receiving. Give your partner the present of your full attention and nurturing. Throughout the love-making session, keep your focused awareness on each other and communicate how much you love and care for your partner silently. You may do this by looking, sensuous touching, body undulations, sexy sounds or words that express what you feel about your partner.
Dance together and feel the heat build up from the united movement of your hips along to the music you both love, as well as the adoration you both have for each other's body. This will enable you to build up great erotic charge that will take the actual moments of intercourse to a new dimension. Remember that the more you prepare, the higher you will be lifted to ecstasy.
Remain constantly tuned into the moment and let the erotic energy take you. Employ tantric tools to control your ejaculation, thereby enabling you to tremendously increase your pleasure. Stop several times and rest in each other's arms in conscious embrace, gaze into one another's eyes and share the enchantment you are experiencing. Avoid set patterns of love-making as habits tend to kill the passion and freshness of your union. Take off your watch and get rid of any distractions before you begin to enjoy each other's presence.
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