Sunday, December 5, 2010

Romance is just an oven away.

Fresh baked cookies are a wonderful treat but the smell can create a warm mood also
          Want to create a wonderful romantic moment from the time your love walks in the door.  Then put something in the oven to create a wonderful smell in your house.  Baking cinnamon rolls or cookies are two great smells to walk into.  Believe it or not smell can greatly effect our mood and if you put a warm and wonderful smell in the air your partner will respond to it.  Now if you are not a wonderful cook you can create these smells with the warming scent deodorizers you can buy at the store.  These wonderful warm home scents can change you house into a love nest for your and your partner.  So start thinking today about what scent your partner likes and then create that for the next time they walk into the house.  

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