Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amazing Sexual Energy

           Sexual Energy is one of the most amazing powers on the planet.  Think about it sex is the only action on the planet that can create life.  Yet we are afraid to talk about it here in America like it is the plague.  It is getting a little better but we still have such a bad stigma placed around it.  Next time you get to enjoy a wonderful evening of intimacy with your partner see how you feel afterwards.  The relaxation or the zing you feel it a special one that you share because of the actions of sex.  Not many other things can make you feel this wonderful.  Make it a point to slow down and enjoy this energy combination of the two of you each and every time you make love.  Start using the energy the two of you create to manifest wonderful things in your life.  Use it to keep your relationship healthy and strong you might just start wanting to have sex way more than ever before. 

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