Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't forget who you are trying to impress.

          In our relationships we get so relaxed sometimes we forget the person we most want to impress is our partner.  We know our partner will loves us and we stop having to try and gain their attention and affection.  We wear our comfortable clothes all the time, we don't present ourselves in the best manner as in combing our hair or wearing our make up and even our manners sometimes get lazy.  Make it a point today to change this treat your partner/lover with respect by presenting yourself to them as you did when you were dating.  Make it a big deal to look good for them as often as you can.  Wear your good clothes around the house or when going out with them.  Make it a point to have a dress up dinner date even if it is one that you cook yourself at home.  Just make sure to let them know you still care about their attention and would love to have more of it.  

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