Sunday, October 24, 2010

Think as your lover would think.

A wonderful way to express your love for your partner is to think as they think. The longer you are with your partner the more and more you start to understand how they think. Once you hit this point of understanding your partner preferences you can start getting a jump on things that will show them how much you love them. For example if you know after a hard day your partner would like to go out to dinner, be waiting when they get home and suggest going out to dinner before they can open their mouth to say it. Maybe your partner likes to go on walks on warm summer days. Well then watch the forecast and when you see a warm sunny day coming up bring up a walk early in the morning. Getting a jump on these things before you partner can suggest them will make them feel really special. There are so many of these little thing that can help your relationship hit new highs. Myself for example enjoy making love when it is raining outside. So if my partner wanted to really make me feel special on a rainy day she would get me into our bedroom during the hardest part of the rain and start being intimate with me.

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