Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quite eating fast food and save the money for date nights.

Here in America most of us eat way to much fast food. It is easy and it tastes good but the terrible part is that it is expensive and is not at all healthy. Why don't the two of you as a couple make an effort to avoid it altogether. Make a commitment that when every you feel like grabbing a burger the both of you remain strong and make a grilled cheese or turkey sandwich at home. Then the money you would have spent eating something bad for you and put it in a jar marked, "Date Night" Continue doing this until you have enough in the jar to experience your favorite activity together. Heck you could even save for a trip if you are strong enough. Make a penalty also so that if you do go out and eat fast food you have to replace the money you spend from your jar. You will soon start thinking about just grabbing fast food all together. Not only will your body thank you but your can both thank each other when you are sitting on the beach somewhere special.

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