Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frosty days

Here in the midwest the mornings are starting to become colder and colder as autumn is if full swing. It is amazing that sometimes you might wake up with frost on the ground and then have a wonderful warm day in the afternoon. I like to call this weather, shorts and sweatshirt weather. Whatever you call it these days are wonderful for spending a little extra time in bed snuggling and touching. It is amazing how warm it stays under your covers with two bodies heating it up. As I mentioned earlier take a little extra time and enjoy this warmth and give your partner a little extra touching. Autumn days are great for making love and snuggling down to watch good movies. Then get up and enjoy the warmer part of the day. Get your sweatshirt and shorts out and enjoy this up and down bouncing of the weather for soon it will just be cold all the time. At least here in the midwest.

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