Monday, November 17, 2014

Every Girls Crazy About A Sharped Dressed Man

While the band ZZ Top had its own unique style one of their biggest hits was about how the style of a man can effect his love life.  What is your style?  Do you feel like dressing a certain way gains you in any way?

Sharp Dressers Take Note:

Is a well-dressed man a better husband? Oliver Palnau says yes. 

“Men don’t have time to walk through the mall and visit 37 stores before finding the right shade of blue for a shirt. They could be planning extraordinary adventures for their wives with the time I save them on fashion choices.” Says Oliver Palnau.

Oliver Palnau exists to be the coefficient of professional style. Every piece can be paired with another and match perfectly. Saving hours of lifetime and saving you money and energy.
Well-dressed men feel better. They become respectful gentlemen without compromising their urge to enjoy life and party till sunrise. 

"My designs are for the ambitious adventurer, what more can you want than that.” Says Oliver Palnau.

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