Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spice it up a Little

10 Tips To Spice Up The Holidays
1. Read A Dr. Ruth Book together
2. Men take some time to shave tonight (Your face).
3. Take A bubble bath together. Hot tub spas Resorts that rent by the hour.
4. No Time? Invest in a little sexy something new, possibly just fishnets can help set your environment.
5. Invest in 100% Cotton Flannel Sheets.
6. Read a sexy sorry in bed together (Outloud)
7. Tell him/her what you like best about him/her.
8. Candles set the mood.
9. Try a completely new position, Kama Sutra Book has pictures.
10. Give one another a massage. Possibly on a Electric Blanket with flannel sheets over the blanket.
Love notes in his/her briefcase, car, coffee cup, inside the shoes.
Baby, it's cold outside - Let's get heated up. If you have to go for a long drive and talk looking forward - not at one another
sharing your desires.
Sometimes with all the Winter details you forget about the HEAT that keeps the simmer in your exciting sex life. Even if it's late, work was tough all day - just say 10 minutes of special time set aside for one another.
Maybe, ask one another to act out a fantasy. Write them down on a slip of paper gather them all up put in a vase and pull out one a night and go all the way.
Life is meant to be enjoyed. Relax, close your eyes, take a deep breathe, meditate and get the energy for at least a 10 minute session that could turn into a hour of FUN..
Wear something sexy under your clothes all day and call your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and flirt with them - "bet you can't guess what I have on..."
Try a straw? Make a promise to one another 2009 with be the new year of experimental sex.
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