Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Your Sex Life like the Changing Weather.

Are you having difficulty keeping any sort of rhythm to your sex life? Are you working too much? Is your partner working too much? Are either of you not working enough? Are you spending too much time together? Maybe the long winter days and cold nights have you spending too much time inside. Believe it or not an excess of time and inactivity can actually decrease your sex drive and desire to be intimate. You would think that it is actually the reverse, right? If you had a bunch of time to be with your partner does it not make sense that you would be more intimate and making love more frequently? Well, not necessarily so. When couples have too much time on their hands to spend with each other boredom can set in. And it is not necessarily boredom with each other rather than a growing depression from not feeling active and productive. The monotony of daily life can at times cause stagnation.
All couples have ups and downs in the bedroom; times where the passion is intense followed by lulls in libido. This is completely normal and the natural cycle of things, however, do not allow momentary lapses in your libido's strength to grow into disinterest. This could cause insecurity in your partner, develop cracks in your relationship, and cause major problems down the road. Do not allow your lovemaking to get boring or routine and work through what I like to call the sexual spring weather cycle in your relationship. Approach your partner and talk about the issues you may be facing and brainstorm ideas to help you both through the stagnation. There are so many ideas out there you can use to spice things up and rekindle the passion.
Routine is good, but too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your outlook and cause phases of depression. These are dangerous times for a relationship and can make you feel as though something is wrong with your situation when in reality all you are conflicted with is too much idle time. Take this time and make it productive again. Snap yourself out of your phase and give a boost to your relationship by focusing on doing something unique and original with your partner.
Try new things and refresh your lust for life and each other. Do not be afraid to take a risk on a new adventure whether it be out in the real world or in the bedroom. Be a little bit more daring with your approach to lovemaking and try to spice things up by looking for creative sensations and experiences both your and your partner have never entertained before. Perhaps try some new products that are designed specifically for introducing new and exciting feelings to foreplay or intercourse; sensation balms and intensifying gels which cool or warm the skin or areas they are applied to are great or maybe by some new lingerie to fire up his imagination and yours. Creativity is the key!
Sensation Balms and Intensifying Gels: Sensation Balms and Intensifying Gels are amazing and a great addition to any experience to heighten feeling and create new sublime sensations. Balms and gels have many different erotic effects on the skin including producing tingling sensations to give a dancing and euphoric feeling, warming effects to give a heating sensation without burning to encourage optimal blood flow and arousal to erogenous zones, and cooling effects which produce minty and fresh tingling just like light blowing or kissing would produce. All of these will ensure more pleasurable lovemaking and may really provide some added spark.
Sexy Lingerie: Need I say more? Sexy lingerie all by itself will pierce the thick clouds of inactivity and send a bright ray of passion and inspiration into your bedroom. Whether it is a light and flowing baby doll piece or a more daring and sensual bustier or corset, sexy lingerie will produce the desired results for the both of you. Not only that, but depending on your personal tastes on any given night, sexy lingerie can fulfill those desires. If you feel naughty and more adventurous one night your can certainly don more sexual and enticing lingerie. If another evening you are feeling cute and cuddly you can also adapt your lingerie to reveal this. Lingerie is so versatile and multifaceted that it is perfect for any situation with a little imagination.
Just as time apart can be damaging to a relationship, too much time together, if it is not the right type of time, can also be destructive. Where the mind goes the body follows so exercise and inspire the mind and your libido and ultimately your body will respond favorably once again; and help your body along. Offer it the stimulation that it needs to best improve your relationship and intimacy with your partner. Pull yourself out of that relationship winter funk and get through those sexual spring weather cycles with imagination and help from products and ideas designed for such cases.
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