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Foreplay tips for men

Arousing Foreplay Techniques: Foreplay Ideas, Tips & Techniques to Blow Her Mind in Bed
Forget obsessing about the size of your manhood, knowing dozens of sex positions which would probably break your back or turning to aphrodisiacs so that you can please a woman in bed. Sure, all of these things are also important - but the most essential ingredient for you to become the best lover that you can be is by refining your arousing foreplay techniques.
Did you know that more than 90% of women fail to reach an orgasm, simply because their lovers do not take the time to prepare them before 'taking it in'? If all you can think about the minute that you tangle the sheets together with your significant other is getting to the main event - both you and her will be missing out a lot.
Learn How to Arouse Girls with these Foreplay Ideas & Positions
When you hear a woman complain that her engine is not getting revved up enough prior to the main event, that should be your clue that you need to brush up on your skills on the arousing foreplay techniques that you can apply when making love to a woman.
So how exactly are you going to achieve this feat? Practicing a lot of patience, being extra attuned to her needs and using the following foreplay ideas and positions should help you out:
1.Give Her A Good Head Start
The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when arousing your wife or girlfriend is this: most women need to have a good head start. This is because it takes a lot of stimulation for them to get properly aroused - and even more than that for her to be ready for intercourse.
Knowing how to arouse girls is all a matter of being a patient enough lover to pay attention to her needs. What you can do is tease her mind with extra sweetness or even downright dirty talk during the day, and indulging in some long-winded foreplay during the night. You can probably stay clothed as you tease and arouse her body to a point when she can't take it anymore - your patience will be well worth it.
2.Take Note Of These Heavy Foreplay Ideas and Positions
Women love having men go down on them, and your oral skills is something that you need to refine if you want to be a master when it comes to how to arouse girls. Revealing your dirtiest sexual fantasies is also an arousing foreplay technique that you can use, as well as using your hands, fingers, lips and tongue to build the sexual tension without getting ahead of yourself.
3.Pay close attention to her reactions.
A hitch in her breathing, a change of her skin color, the way that she moans or the way that her pupils dilate - all these are indications that you are doing something right, so continue with your arousing foreplay ideas and give her what she wants.
At the end of the day, learning how to arouse girls is all a matter of applying the best foreplay ideas and positions, as well as the techniques that you have learned over time!
If you want to get even more tips on how to arouse girls, get a hold of the Foreplay Ideas and positions from our book entitled " Arousing Foreplay Techniques: Foreplay Ideas, Tips and Techniques". It will teach you everything that you need to know about being the ultimate stud and blow your partner's mind in bed.

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  1. It is important for a man to master foreplay. Simple & Easy, the results is a saitsfied women evry time. Always always start withe the nipples. Her brain will react beautifully with stimulation. Rubbing gently the stomach area next is utmost as a second stage of foreplay. Lastly, passing your hand down each side of her leg back and forth will set off the final stage of foreplay, the Vagina. Mae it your habit to do each time you are in bed, don't just jump on her. Be openened minded, and try new ways to have a better sex life experience. And if you are the man, try laying on your back, let her get on top and you will hit the G spot every motion resulting in Multiple oragsims.

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