Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Candle Light Dinner

Candlelight dinner will be perfect to celebrate any occasions dealing with romantic and love relationship. Even, a candlelight dinner can help you rebuild intimacy with you spouse. To have this romantic atmosphere, you do not need to look for luxurious restaurant since we will help you make this special moment in your own home with the following tips.
We can say that it is quite easy to give your spouse a candlelight dinner as you can find the materials around your house. First thing you need to prepare is the dining table. Pick out a set of tablecloth you have. The set usually consists of the tablecloth and napkins. However, if you do not have one, we suggest that you take a linen cloth to cover the dining table. Then you can look for some napkins with the same color scheme to fit the tablecloth. You can choose white as it is neutral to match any colors and gives classic accents. Another option, red can give warmness and add more romantic sense.

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Now you can prepare some set of dinnerware. Also, provide water and wine glasses and arrange then at each place for both of you. Then, do not forget to place separate bowl with forks for salad. Make sure that you have set a formal dinner for you beloved one. Formal atmosphere can give more romantic mood.
Now we go on to consider lighting. It is as important as the previous elements to set a romantic dinner. You can either turn off the overhead lamps or simply dim them to make sure the candlelight becomes the center of lighting. Take some candlesticks. It is suggested that you pick out those made of crystal, glass or silver. White or red candles will be preferable. To add more light you can place some additional candles around the room.
Then consider flowers with vase. Though ordinary, roses will be perfect to set out romantic feeling. Place them around the candlesticks. Do not let the flowers choke the space on the table since you need to have eye contact and conversation before having dinner. Last but not least, music is another significant element to create romantic mood. Arrange your stereo system to play your spouse's favorite love song.
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