Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sexercise is a blend of sex and exercise. It is done to help improve health and fitness. What better way to get in shape while having fun with your partner! Through this form of exercise, your sex life will continue to improve as your body gets in better and better shape. You will have more stamina and endurance to hold those favorite positions for longer periods of time - or even be able to perform those new, more strenuous positions you have been dying to try. An added benefit of sexercise is that your body will end up in better shape which in turn will make you look and feel better and give you greater confidence in yourself. Another benefit is that your partner will also look and feel better and be, perhaps, more attractive and exciting to you.
So, how do you do it? There are many sites on the web that give you specific instructions and demonstrations for particular ones for those areas of your body you want to improve the most to start with. Just do a web search for "sexercise" - the results will give you many to choose from.
A tame way to start is to switch positions. If you are the one always on the bottom, switch to the top. You will find that a whole different set of muscles are used in that position! You both may find that this change is quite exciting and lead to better sex during your first experience! Can't beat that! Most sites recommend that you do it at least three times a week, but, you can do it even more often if you are so inclined, the choice is yours. You can also do exercises that will help you practice doing it. You can do some aerobics to help increase your stamina for practicing or you can do some push ups which will help you be able to support your body weight during some of the more strenuous sexercises. There are many exercises that you can do to improve your muscle tone. Those exercises have the added benefit, when combined with doing it, of toning your body and building your stamina even faster.
If you do not have a partner, you can do it alone through masturbation if you do so athletically with health and fitness in mind. There are many websites that give you specific instructions for masturbation sexercises. Do an internet search for masturbation sexercise, pick your favorite, then get to the fun part - sexercising!
So, get busy and do it - build muscles and endurance, burn calories, and have fun! It can exhausting so take some breaks - eat some food, drink some fluids - then get back to it!
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