Monday, June 20, 2011

Ready to propose... then read this.

You have the ring, you have the reservations, but you lack the technique. Proposing to someone is the most difficult thing to do some say. But it isn't. Proposing to someone is easy to do. All you need is a plan of action. Some ways you can propose to that special someone in your life are:
1. Simple and Sweet- Take your girlfriend to a nice restaurant, have the nice meal, and then get on one knee. There are variations to what you can do, but keep it simple. Girls love that simple feeling and romantic. Sometimes this is all it takes for your special someone to remember.
2. Propose through song- If you are a performer and you like to sing, then by singing a song to her and asking her to marry you in the song is the most romantic thing anyone can do. Plus you will get some good audience attention. There are many ways to introduce this. The most traditional is at a restaurant with a band. This way your bride has a nice story to brag about.
3. Skywriting- Another public way to propose to that special someone. Your bride-to-be will be thrilled that you took the time to publicly ask for her hand in marriage. It is more conventional than romantic. However, this will give your bride something to talk about to her friends.
4. Creativity through balloons- Make a note that says, "Meet me outside" or a more complex note saying to meet you at a certain place. Cut that note into puzzle pieces and place them in a bunch of balloons that say "Pop me". When she gets to the place you want her, Have a nice dinner and music and pop the question.
5. Include the Relatives- at Christmas time, or any other holiday in which family is around, you can ask to involve the family. After dinner, have a little cousin carry in a pillow with the ring on it. Have them walk to your girlfriend. Stand next to your girlfriend and place it on her finger. And then ask her to marry you. She will remember this and be able to brag about it to her friends for years.
Always remember to be calm in your proposal. Nobody wants a frantic and nervous proposal. This will send the wrong message to your bride to be. Prepare whatever proposal you do. There are many options open to you. Be confident and calm. Girls love a man with confidence.
Dr. Barry Lycka is president of the number one source of internet guidance.

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