Saturday, January 29, 2011

The winter blues!

Grown Ups has a classic summer feel to it.  
          By this time those of us that live in areas that have had snow and ice are going a little stir crazy right now.  We have been stuck inside, battling flu and cold season, as well as just trying to stay warm.  Yet we still have a couple of months before the nice weather starts to join us.  What I suggest the two of you do is start looking for summer type of things to do?  Go get a hotel for a night with a indoor pool and go swimming in this cold mess we have outside right now.  Clean the snow off your grill and cook some burgers to give that summer feel.   Even get a movie that has a summer twist to it to watch might I suggest Grown Ups with Adam Sandler in it along with a great cast.   By doing this you might fight off a little of the winter blues and keep your sanity.  

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