Saturday, January 22, 2011

Change your taste.

A little fruit in your diet might just make things a little more tasty.  
           If you are over 18 and partake of oral sex regularly you can change your taste to excite your lover.  You can pick up flavored lubes for the women on men this is not bad but putting anything in the vagina can be a little like playing russian roulette.  Make sure the product is safe for insertion into the vagina don't put product inside that contain sugar as a yeast infection is sure to follow.  You can avoid all this decision by changing your diet.  You can both vastly change your diet and change the taste of what comes out of you.  Fruits and juices are the best way to sweeten things up while avoiding caffeine and alcohol are things that can make you taste bitter.   Experiment a little and see what each other likes do your research as there are many foods and drinks that effect your taste.  Lastly enjoy the activities and discuss the taste later.

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