Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let the pictures tell the story

I say I am going to do this every time we go on a trip, and by golly next time I am.

Next time you take a trip somewhere together make sure to take your camera and take pictures of everything you do. With today's digital cameras it is even easier to do then ever. Then get an album and place the pictures in order based on how you did them. If you don't do it soon after you get home you will find yourself scratching your head and wondering which event goes where. Place silly captions under each photo and label the front of the album with a specific title, such as "Trip to Italy" Then when you pull the album out in about five years you will have no problem reliving that trip or event.

This may sound silly but as we age we don't always remember things exactly as they happened. So this method will help you and your partner remember all those special times you enjoyed together. With today's advances in technology you can even perform this while you are still on vacation. You can email the photo to your house with labels already attached. If you take a laptop you can even work on the photo album while you are relaxing by the pool. So don't be like me there is no reason or excuse for not getting these memories recorded on your next trip or event.
(Special thanks to For Inspiration Only from flickr for the photo CC)

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