Thursday, February 23, 2017

Veils, The Lines Between Comfort and Sexy

A thin layer of material or a veil can add just enough of a hint of mystery to make things even more sexy during those intimate moments.   A see through veil like the one above while not covering much can also mask the totally perception of what is behind the veil and add the illusion of mystery.  For those uncomfortable with being naked a veil can often help create the sexy environment the both partners want but still keep either partner from feeling uncomfortable.  So keep some veils around your home they can change the perceptions and comfort level deepening on your mood.  

Sexy Challenges wishes to share our Veils with you!

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  1. When in doubt, go for the simplest option. A sheer cut-edge (no trim) veil that hangs straight down your back will still give the traditional feel of a veil, but won't obscure the silhouette of your dress. This is a very modern look, and still gives off a dramatic vibe while almost disappearing!