Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Keep Love Alive

Ever notice when you are falling in love how great the world seems.  The colors are a little brighter, the sun shines a little more and the moon seems huge.  It is obvious that when most of us are falling love we see things with a zest.  My question is how come most of us can't keep that vision we have when we are falling in love?  My guess is that we get use to feeling this until it becomes normal and thusly isn't as exciting as it once was.  My mission is to break this habit and help couples keep that passion burning bright for their entire relationship.  You may call me a dreamer but it is a passion.  I want to feel that euphoric feeling forever and if your with me start checking out The Couples Spot and watch my videos on relationship in the blog section.  Together we can create an amazing space in our world.  

Peace and Love,

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  1. I think sometimes people blind themselves from what they already can see in a new person, the idea of falling in love is much more exciting if you don't open your eyes properly to start with.. at least you can fool yourself that you've found the right persona little longer, hey? And no, I am not a cynic, quite the opposite; I am saying it pays to open your eyes wide from the start, so you don't accidentally get trapped with the wrong person, because the right one(s) is (are) out there.