Friday, January 1, 2016

Are You A HopeLess Romantic

I've recently lost the love of my life and I'm been going through a rough patch. I came across few
other people with the same situation. They couldn't feel love for anyone else and they've been
single for over a decade or two. They are still in love with their soul mate they lost years ago. They
are the true hopeless romantic. Talking to them got me to realise I was one of them.
Turns out, hopeless romantic is the story of everyone who lost their true love and simply can't
move on. They lost their sunshine and simply can't replace it with a candle .
So I decided to make this channel and show the people that true love ( not the gimmick that this
new generation call "love" and Bae) does exist but doesn't long forever if taken for granted.
Everyone has a little hopeless romantic in themselves.
My aim is to make them stop for a min, take a moment and reflect on it. I want those lucky people
who are in love to realise what they have is gold and not to take it for granted.
I want believers in love to find my channel and relate to it. Share their stories and encourage the
non materialistic side of love. Let's face it, nowadays people are in love

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