Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Soft Beards Can Be Sexy

Okay guys beards are so amazing now and some men rock them in amazing ways.  However if you are going to have that fashion statement on your face you have to be responsible with it.  Making sure to take care of the beard that brings your face to life.  If you do this then yes your beard can be sexy!  A Sexy Beard Makes For A Happy Face.  

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Why Beardly Legal?  This sums it up!

I started using beard oils so that my beard would be softer for my wife when we would kiss. she hated the way I looked clean shaven but she didn't like kissing me with my beard. the oils were pretty expensive on a lot of sites so I started making my own and I eventually decided to sell them so other beard growers could experience the softness of a healthy beard

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