Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Romantic Movie That Features Two of My Favorite Celebrities Of All Time.

The Wedding Singer

Features my favorite actor Adam Sandler and also has one of my favorite musicians of all time in in Billy Idol.  Plus the movie is a great romantic flick to watch.  It has the mushy stuff but still holds lots of comedy so everyone can enjoy it.  

A gift The Wedding Singer would be proud of:

We create a wedding dress sketch from wedding photos. We can also sketch the suit, bouquet, and shoes. Men give this to their wives for an anniversary gift. The majority of the men give this as the one year anniversary gift, as paper is the traditional one year gift. Most usually wait until the week of. I guide them to order the sketch, but give their wife a card so she can work with the artist directly.  Below is a card to give your beautiful wife for this service.    

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