Monday, October 20, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

It's time to take some action. Hopefully your relationship is strong and if not, it's time to put that aside for a bit and help someone else. If you look around, I am sure you can find someone not far from you that needs help. The older woman down the street that can't mow her yard very well, the family where both parents are unemployed, or maybe it's just your grandmother that can’t get out to the store very easy. I am sure when you start thinking about it there are several people around you that could use a boost up. Sometimes helping someone else is the best way to help ourselves.

My wife has told me several times about how lucky we are compared to some of the other couples she runs into. I agree with her. Sure there are a lot of things we would like to have, but we don't need them. Go out and do something for someone else with no expectations of a return. I think they call them random acts of kindness. Help someone load his/her groceries in to the car, stop and help someone with a flat tire, clean out your closet and donate all the clothes that you don't wear to charity. If you really think about it, we have an over abundance and it might even seem to others as if we are very rich when we see ourselves as unfortunate.

How can this help my relationship you might ask? Well if you’re asking that question, maybe you’re not ready to complete this activity. You should get a great sense of pride helping other people. That is the reward. Put that into a situation where both of you work together to help someone and you both get that feeling. Sharing that feeling with your partner is worth more money than you could ever make. I would love to hear about the two of you and how you helped someone out, so don't be shy. Share your stories with us.

Remember - sometimes the little things you do are the most appreciated thing you do!

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