Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Romantic Antics With Allana Pratt

I know you’ve heard a lot about me, but Allana Pratt has a way of getting me to say things I’ve never told anyone else, about intimacy, about relationships, about what really matters...

Allana’s the Intimacy & Relationship Expert who coached Leeza through Dancing with the Stars, who’s interviewed Whoopi Goldberg, who’s known as the Sexy Mom… She’ll be interviewing me on March 6th at 4pm Pacific for her upcoming “Intimate Conversations” call series.

You can register for free here:

I’ll be joined by amazing folks from all walks of life who will be getting Intimate with Allana too.

I accepted the interview because she’s one of the most classy, intelligent, heartfelt, sexy and hysterical women I know. I always feel a foot taller after talking with her. She has this special energy that truly inspires people.

And did I mention sexy?

On my call, she’s going to get me to reveal my most intimate secrets, like:

·      What I truly value and desire in a profound intimate connection

·      Where I struggle, what sabotages me from having deep delicious intimacy

·      How I’ve been able to shift this for myself and my clients

·      And how profound intimacy has affected my success, confidence and abundance

Sign up now for the entire “Intimate Conversations” call series for FREE
(Which started May 26th), and ask your burning question you’ve ALWAYS wanted
to ask me, or ask Allana!

“Intimate Conversations” is a FREE, LIVE event to
empower your relationships to thrive, your families to flourish and
will have you oozing confidence from the boardroom to the bedroom.

You won’t want to miss it.

Oh… and I almost forgot… you MUST be on
the call to hear the special coupon code for the Free download of
this exclusive Event!

So register NOW and don’t miss my interview on March 6th at 4pm PST.

See you there,


p.s. We’ll be talking about this for months!

Register here and join me!

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