Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Ride A Great New App for Couples

Sweet Ride® Android App available on Google Play.
Sweet Ride® is an adult audio stimulation arousal fantasy Mobile App.

Sweet Ride®- February 18, 2014- Available today, Sweet Ride® is a high quality sexually arousing app that speaks to the collective needs of human desires allowing total control at the ease of your fingertips and is to be enjoyed alone or shared with someone. With an initial focus on audio, Sweet Ride® offers a creative alternative to the adult apps that are available today.
Sweet Ride® is an adult audio stimulation fantasy arousing app that provides a platform for users to listen to 40+ adult audio profiles, customize their cravings and view 69 animated sex positions. Each audio file is a piece of art that tells a story for you to see with your mind's eye with vivid, imaginative, sounds that trigger your unique essence, and strikes that inner chord of your psyche. We strive to creatively portray each experience in a thought provoking, and unique way. Enjoy a Sweet Ride through your minds eye and through the power of audio.
At Sweet Ride®, we believe the user should have ability to easily and quickly choose the sexy voice that speaks to them, accent, literal sweet talk, to include a desired position, and be able to save their created profiles. Sweet Ride aims to reach users all over the world in a manner that is easily accessible, personal, a simple to find tool, simple to use to simply and effectively reach a happy place through a variety of Sweet Ride® audio profiles options.
The Sweet Ride® mobile app offering is truly as unique as the individuals who utilize the app. Sweet Ride® provides the adult community with a variety of audio profiles by enlisting the creative minds from people all over the world. As every person on this planet has their own unique set of sexual stimulation desires, Sweet Ride® is able to provide such a platform. The goals are to allow the creative minds of people and their self expression to be shared with the world for sexual enjoyment, as well as not confine the creativity of the Sweet Ride® mobile app to short list of individuals. These particular practices make the Sweet Ride® mobile app extraordinary with an open architecture for continuous audio profile development and offerings for fresh content. Sweet Ride® is patent pending. We at Sweet Ride® believe in the


idea that the brain is the biggest sex organ.
Love and Sex with Dr. Laura Berman » Sexual Health » The Brain is the Biggest Sex Organ

Sweet Ride® is available for $2.99 for Android and is available on Google Play.
Please visit for more information including how to submit your own audio profiles and be a part of this unique app.
If you would like further information, please follow us on twitter @SweetRideMobi or send us an email to
To download the Android app: Sweet Ride Google play

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