Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oooh…Read this Paranormal Romance :)

If you or anyone you know would enjoy a Young Adult romance with paranormal elements, READ and RATE the novel, THE REAL DANGER, at, where readers get to join in the publishing process!

Cara Markwell is a high school senior who’s passionate about whales, not guys. Her guardian angel appears, in human disguise, just before she ventures out on a whale-watching tour. There she meets David Wilson, a handsome newcomer to the seemingly peaceful coastal town of Liberty, Oregon. An orca bumps the tour boat, and when Cara and David are thrown overboard, David helps save Cara’s life. An invisible tether of warm energy forges a connection between them. Then school starts, and they discover their roles as student and teacher. They struggle to resist their attraction, but are drawn together by the wiles of a witch with a vendetta against Cara and a case of fatal attraction for David.

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