Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cell Phone Erotica

What might you type to create a sexy or erotic texting experience with your sweetie?  Well, you could create a sexy story together.  Each creating the next line or idea.

Here is an example from the Sexy Challenge: Cell Phone Erotica

TEXT #1 - "It was a hot day in Texas, so hot that even the pool Suzy was sitting by felt like bath water."

TEXT #2 - "Suzy pulled an ice cube from her drink and slowly worked it around her chest to feel its cool wet touch."

Let's jump to TEXT #5 - "Suzy saw John watching and became even more adventurous with the ice." 

You can create some serious anticipation if the two of you work together.  Pick up this Sexy Challenge to help get your started!   (Or via iTunes.)

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