Sunday, March 22, 2009


A great way to let your special someone know you care is to drop them little hints from time to time. In this day and age there are so many ways you can do this. I will go over a few with you now.
First of all, there is the classic note written on a piece of paper and put somewhere for your love to find later. The places you can leave these notes are limitless. You can put the note in his/her underwear drawer, on the mirror while he/she is taking a shower, in his/her briefcase, in the pocket of his/her pants, on his/her soda can in the fridge, or if he/she does the laundry put it in the dryer. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. You always want to make sure he/she gets the note when you're not around. Not only does this add to your romantic status, but it gets your partner thinking about you when he/she might not normally be. The basic notes are great. You can use a regular sheet of paper or one of my favorites is to use post-it notes. They are just big enough, and can stick to those things that might not be normal in size.
As I mentioned above, in this day and age there are a multitude of ways to get someone a note. With your computer you can email that special person your sentiments or you can get online and find some companies that have special egreeting cards. Yes, some of them you have to pay for, but if you really hunt you can find free ones. If your love uses the computer at home, you can just open up a Word page and type your message. Leave it open. Your note will be displayed when that special someone first moves the mouse. Computers, along with the Internet, have an unlimited supply of ways to send messages. So don't be shy - get online.
When I think of all the advances in technology the one that I think is best for sending little notes to your love is the cell phone. For starters you always have it with you and it is quick and simple to use. You can even use the voice mail feature and leave your love a voice recording telling them how special he/she is. However, my favorite feature of the cell phone is the texting option. You just type in your message, send and bam your love is reading the message no matter where he/she is. You can send steamy messages when he/she is in a board meeting, knowing he/she probably cannot answer at that moment, but you can almost feel the smile gracing his/her face as he/she reads your message. Texting can also let you note back and forth with replies, which can lead to a virtual game of tag.
No matter which way you love to do your notes, the underlying messeage is the same. You are trying to make someone feel special! Email us with the interesting ways you get your point across to your loved one. We would love to hear them.


  1. Dear Rob,
    I have searched to further my romantic comments, I have done all the "with all my heart" etc. notes, I need more creative ideas of things I can say to him to keep the romance burning, I don't want to become a broken record.
    He is so amazing and has left me with very little ammunition and I don't want to repeat the things he says to me I want my comments to be unique from his but am finding this very difficult to do when he has already said it all and it is done within public view. can you help?

  2. Could you give me a little more information I would love to help you out! Use the email address on the sidebar if you would like to keep it a little more private.
    Thanks and I look forward to helping you out.